Shoulder bag



Large Shoulder bag

15" x 13" x 3.5"


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 Camo - $25.00

Shoulder Bag Thumbnails


Shoulder Bag is cut to fit comfortably across your chest and rides on your hip

This zipper unzips all the way around the bottom of the bag

This lets the largest pouch in the back expand out roughly 4 to 5 inches. It will collapse back and zip up when not needed

This first pouch that expands is also padded in the back which is against the hip

The second pouch is gusseted to expand about 1 inch deep

This third pouch is also gusseted and will also expand about 1 inch

The forth pouch is not gusseted but has a flap with a buckle

The fifth pouch has a flap with velcro

This pouch will work for a light or a knife


This pouch will hold a cell phone or camera